Masters Week

    • When: 4/2/18
    • QIC: Ponytail & Walker
    • The PAX: Ringo, Ponytail (R), Walker (R), Padeye, Popeye

5 HIM’s of the Rock Region chose to start their week off at the Big Guy for what was billed as Masters Week.  If you haven’t posted yet at this AO, do yourself a favor and do so soon.  The launch site is at Independence Elementary School and there is lots of space to roam – I hear they have pull upbars – but I’m getting ahead of myself.  With no FNG’s present YHC gave a quick disclaimer and we started with the warm-up.  YHC announced that we wouldn’t be moseying too much today


The Thang

After the warmup, we moseyed over to the outside bench area beside the school and did 15 Irkins / Dirkins / dips, followed by some ab work to get the core engaged for what was about to come.  Ab work included chopsticks, flutters & LBC’s.  During a quick recovery, YHC announced to the PAX that this was Masters week.  For golf fans, it’s a great week – where the best of the best gather at an excellent venue to challenge themselves.  And in honor of Masters week, I invited one of the best to be my surprise guest co-Q, the one & only Walker.  I shared with the PAX that this HIM would challenge us, help with form, and provide a great push, and he did not disappoint.  Walker put us through a burst workout that included Merkins, squats in increasing reps from 10, 15 and 20 all in rapid succession.  Several PAX commented that “I think there’s pull up bars over there…”, a good indicator of how tough the workout was.  All of the PAX did great and after a quick recovery, YHC took the Q stick back and we moseyed over to the High School parking lot where we did the following:  From one light pole to the next we did Toy Soldiers, butt kickers and LT Dangers (a walking burpee = lunge/lunge/squat/Merkin.  Next we moseyed over to the stairs in the main building and partnered up (1 group of 2 and 1 group of 3) and did the following:  Partner 1 ran up and down the stairs while Partner 2 did Al Gores, wall sits & dips, then flip flop.  Time was running out so we began to head back to the AO and Popeye led the run back and found a nice new rock covered back road to the front of the school.  We finished right on time and closed with Announcements (read the newsletter) along with prayers concerns & praises.  All of the PAX today did great today and it was fun mixing things up a bit by having a surprise guest co-Q.  Thanks Ringo for the opportunity to lead today

Ponytail out –

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