The Apache Challenge (04/09/18 thru 04/16/18)

    • When: 04/09/18
    • QIC: All AO Qs
    • The PAX: Rock Region



Gentleman of the Rock Region,

I was watching Popeye’s Turkey Punching Story and noticed alot of guys that started this F3 Thing here in Rock Hill, that are no longer posting. For different reasons  I understand life happens and our schedules change.

But these are the Brothers of the Gloom that influenced alot of us in taking That #DRP and invested in my potential for betterment thru shield lock and accountability.

So!!! What are WE going to do about it???

I’m wanting to lay down a challenge to YOU!!!!

If you have Q in the Rock Region on the week of April 9th, bring a “Surprise CO Q”

But what makes this so special is you have to bring a surprise “KOTTER CO Q”.

Double the points for a “KOTTER CO VQ”

Triple the points for a “FNG CO VQ”

If you would agree to terms and conditions and do not meet the obligations of said contract a penalty of 10 Burbees must be paid while the PAX are in the plank position. At the end of the week all points will be added and a special POW POW POW award will be given….

I hope everyone is excited as I am about this challenge. And really looking forward to seeing our brothers in action living the third and bringing  guys back out.

Here is the list of Qs that’s on the Q schedule:

Monday: The Big Guy= Roxanne * Old Town= Bill Nye * Independence= Big House * Night @ Museum ?

Tuesday: Eagle’s Nest= Wildcat  * Wall Street= Slow Pitch * Iron Academy= ?

Wednesday: PHOP= Big Fundamental * BTC= ? * Bunker Hill= ?

Thursday: Manu= Twister * Tavern= ? * Wally World= Squad * Falcon 0= ?

Friday: Petra= Smiley Face * The Veteran= Ponytail * Commons= ? * Bibles and Biscuits= Hawkeye

Saturday: Patriot= Turbine/Bull * Camino Del Rio= ? * Planet Pain= ?

Sunday: Hills of Pain= ? * Hills of Gloom= ? The Run Way= ?

It should be the Site Qs responsibility to inform the Q and ensure the Schedule is up to date. Lets Just show up and bring our guys back out….


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