7 for a Dealer’s Choice March 20, 2018 Good Luck P200 Cucumber Guys!

    • When: 03/20/2018
    • QIC: Smiley Face, Whitney, Lucky Charm, Al Gore, Hawkeye, Socrates, Polymer
    • The PAX: Smiley Face, Whitney, Lucky Charm, Al Gore, Hawkeye, Socrates, Polymer

We started the morning with a minor audible.

The planned QIC Jelly had something major come up and couldn’t make it. No problem for us, we were just glad that we could cover and he could handle what he needed.  Prayers for him and his family, but last I heard, they’re doing fine.

Lucky Charm volunteered to start off the shared Q to keep me from running all over the place. We did some stretching and modified broga. After the warm up, we worked our shoulders, chest, arms, and legs with some standard moves. Lucky took us around the building for some alternating wall squats and murcans.

We headed back to the COT where Smiley Face took over. He led us through some leg workouts, including goblet squats and John Deeres.  Socrates took over at that point and had us lunging up and down the parking lot, ending with overhead presses and curls.

Finally, YHC took the PAX on a run to the awning at Sam’s Club. We tried to get in some groundwork on the dry pavement.  We made it through 3 rounds of American Hammers before I got tired of the cigarette smell.  I took the boys back over to the COT where Al Gore took over for a preview of a VQ to come. He led us through some more shoulder work and leg work, right up to 6.


Prayers and praises were heard and we adjourned for the morning.  Solid work men.

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