Power of Choice

    • When: 03/08/18
    • QIC: Ponytail
    • The PAX: PCH, Ponytail ®, Blueprint, Sandlot, Mud Puddle, JAG ®, Mongo, Anchor Bar ®

8 HIM’s of the Rock Region gathered at Wally World today in preparation for the P200 and for an opportunity to talk about free will and the power of choice.  It was a little chilly this morning so I decided we would get in a quick warm-up and head out quickly.  PCH rolled up right at 0500 so we started with some light stretching and once he was ready we headed out.  I explained to the PAX that the plan today was for 6 – 6.5 miles so off we went


The Thang –

This was a fast group of men that assembled today and that would be proven out over the hour.  We headed out from the AO to the Acquatics Center and up around the school to the credit union.  We circled the credit union and then headed back to the pool area and up Rawlinson Road where we entered Mayflower’s neighborhood.  Once we made it back to the YMCA I told the PAX we would stop for a quick recovery where I shared the following:

“Focusing on the things that went wrong creates depression.  Focusing on the things that could go wrong tomorrow creates anxiety.  The greatest gift you have is choice, free will, Choose to be in the moment – control what you can control – leave anxiety and depression behind”

We rolled out from the Y parking lot and headed back to the AO, but not before running behind Wal-Mart and back into the neighborhood behind the store where we did the loop and then headed back to COT, looping again around behind the store.  Approaching the AO a guy hollered out to us “I might join you sometime” – PCH jumped on the opportunity and tried to EH him.  Our time together was drawing to a close so we headed back for COT.  We ran the full hour together except Mud Puddle had to leave early.  Strong group of men today and it was an honor to lead.  Altogether we finished at 6.2 miles

YHC shared the following verse with the PAX.

Proverbs 19:21    Many are the plans in the mind of a man, but it is the purpose of the Lord that will stand

We have free will – the power to choose.  Choose carefully – trust the Lord

We closed with announcements and praise and prayer requests.  I’m always honored to lead & today was no exception – thanks Honey Pot for the opportunity to do so

Ponytail out –

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