10 at The Commons – 2.16.18

    • When: 02/16/18
    • QIC: Schrute
    • The PAX: Sandlot, Zebra, Mongo, Big House, Penny Pincher, Proctor, The Big Fundamental, Jester, BluePrint, Schrute

9 men joined YHC this morning on a warm (almost 70 degrees!) morning for some good work at The Commons.

At 0500, the disclaimer was disclaimed and we got to work.


SSH x 20

Windmill x 10

Merkin x 10

CDD x 10

Moroccan Night Club x 20

High Knees and Butt Kickers

Side Skip

Toy Solder and Nur



Mosey over to Winthrop in front of fountain

Grab a bench, 10 step ups OYO

10 Box Jumps (lots of chatter about Burgundy’s fall a few years ago)

10 Dips In Cadence

Mosey over to American Flag – Mongo Leads in Pledge (then I talked–more than I planned..see below)

Then we moseyed over to Scholars Walk. We started on one end of the Walk with 2 Merkins, run down to the other end and do 18 squats. Run back, 4 Merkins, back and 16 squats. So on and so forth…til you have 18 Merkins, 2 squats.

At this point, I remembered the AO ends at 0550, not 0600 (thanks for reminding me, Sandlot). So we moseyed back.

Ended up with 3.5 miles and a lot of good fellowship.


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  • Honeypot and his M and family


Originally, I had planned to discuss the difference between power and leadership today. However, seeing the flag at half mast today really hit home as an educator. For lots of our kids,  school is the safest and nicest place they go to all week. Its the one place where adults treat them with love and respect, where their needs are met socially and physically, its the one place they are fed and even clothed in many cases. I’m not here to have the conversation about the above being good or bad–it is what it is. But when that place that is supposed to be a safe place for our kids suddenly isn’t so safe, that really bothers me. Teachers and administrators choose to do what they do to make a difference in our world. I chose this profession for that reason, as many other of our Pax did; including Socrates, Dawg Pound, Danger Zone, and Bill Nye. Without question, we’d put ourselves in front of a bullet for our students. As would mostof our other Pax if they were caught in that situation.

I don’t know the answer to the problem of violence in our culture or our schools, but I wish we’d have some dialogue about it. Stop with the memes–the “hot takes”– and have a conversation with someone. Find someone you disagree with. Talk. No one wants what happened Wednesday to happen again. That’s our common ground. Start there. In the words of the person in charge of safety in our schools–“I wish I didn’t have a job, because that would mean that we’ve fixed this problem.”

So at the end of the workout, I talked about what I had planned to discuss, which was the following: Many times, we define leadership as power. However, leadership is influence. As John Maxwell defines it, “Leadership is influence. Nothing more, nothing less.” We have the power to influence those around us, even if we have little “power”. It turns out our influence will last much longer than anyone’s power. So do not let anyone tell you differently. You can lead from anywhere. Let’s be those influencers in our small sphere every day.




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