Wherefore art thou Romeo… and Catfish?

WARMUP: Moroccan Calf Raises Arm Circles Tempo Merkins Supermans Lying pull OC Lunge Stretch L&R Wide Leg Stretch L&R THE THANG: Tabata Workouts with coupons – laps around Wendys in between 8 rounds of curls 4 rounds of triceps 4 rounds of shoulder press 8 rounds of misc Leg exercises (kindof…) Mosey to Wall Bring […]

Wall Exploration

WARMUP: IC MNCs, CPs, Windmills, IWs, HWs THE THANG: Mosey to walls Partner up and one climbs both walls and does 10 HRMs at the top then mosey down. Other partner planks. repeat 5x Mosey to stairs and do a round of pick the exercise while one person runs a lap to stairs and back. […]

Military Circuit

WARMUP: IC Windmills, CPs, HWs, IWs, OYO stretching THE THANG: Mosey to Glencairn Garden Perform an exercise in front of a military branch seal then take a lap. Army – 40 Merkins Marine Corps – 25 Burpees Navy – 15 Navy SEAL Burpees Air Force – 25 Bomb Jacks Coast Guard – 50 Flutterkicks (double […]

Hitting the Bars

WARMUP: OYO dynamic stretching and conversing. THE THANG: Mosey to YMCA Leg Tucks / Planks Lap around YMCA Assisted pull-ups Lap around YMCA Assisted chin-ups Lap around YMCA Dead hangs Lap around YMCA Assisted pull-ups Lap around YMCA Mosey to elementary school loops Quick mosey with partner while others do CDDs then swap Mosey to […]

4 Mile Bars

WARMUP: IC IWs, HWs, Windmills, CPs, Bent-Leg-Body-Twists THE THANG: IC Superman’s, Merkins, Squats Indian run to YMCA Partner up. First partner does leg tucks until failure while other partner planks, swap and then run around YMCA. Continue with pull ups, dead hangs, etc. Indian run back to COT. Misc exercise lab MARY: … ANNOUNCEMENTS: Upcoming […]