Wherefore art thou Romeo… and Catfish?

WARMUP: Moroccan Calf Raises Arm Circles Tempo Merkins Supermans Lying pull OC Lunge Stretch L&R Wide Leg Stretch L&R THE THANG: Tabata Workouts with coupons – laps around Wendys in between 8 rounds of curls 4 rounds of triceps 4 rounds of shoulder press 8 rounds of misc Leg exercises (kindof…) Mosey to Wall Bring […]

Make god your third leg

WARMUP: On your own. THE THANG: Walk or run out down Charlotte Avenue to Cherry Road. Across to Main Street and back to the fountain. This was about 4 miles. Loop until the end. Some cut it off short some went longer. This run creates a triangle shape. We talked about how if god is […]

9/11 Convergence

WARMUP: Small disclaimer and reminder for our pax to remember the lives lost on this day. Also let the pax know about our random 3 burpee alarm that will show up throughout the workout. Tempo merkins Low Slow Squats THE THANG: Split into two groups one hit the parking deck and the other hit the […]

You Better Work Petra-Movement

The Thing: Flying Merkins (New-courtesy of @Kodak and @Bill Nye) WTM? Merkins Jumping Jacks- 2ct and 4ct and 2.5ct Bear crawls with pulses Bear squats with pulses Army crawls with pulses Trenches Chugs Hops side to side Walking, Running, Football runs Marching Lawn Mower Cord punches Dying Cockroach Runs Deep knee lunges Body Isolations- Heads, […]