building pyramids

WARMUP: Arm circles front back Imperial walkers Hillbilly walkers Windmills Cherry pickers THE THANG: Crazy eights at the fountain 8 squats 8 squat thrust 8 merkins 8 Bomb jacks 8 plank jacks 8 squat thrust 8 squat 8 8count bodybuilders Pyramid at the hotbox 16, 12, 8, 4 reps at each level up ramp then […]

9/11 Convergence

WARMUP: Small disclaimer and reminder for our pax to remember the lives lost on this day. Also let the pax know about our random 3 burpee alarm that will show up throughout the workout. Tempo merkins Low Slow Squats THE THANG: Split into two groups one hit the parking deck and the other hit the […]

awkward dance movements

WARMUP: X15Alternating Under knee claps X15Alternating Reaching knee taps X15Hillbilly walkers X15Imperial walker squats X15Prayer squats X15Cross body Reaching knee taps left then right THE THANG: Mosey to playground parking lot 4 rounds of 4 crnrs 10,20,30,40 Jumping jack Toe taps Single arm Mtn climbers left then right Air squat jump jack Alternating High knee […]