WARMUP: IC: WM CP MNC HW SSH THE THANG: So YHC enjoys going back and stealing workouts! I was scrolling old ManU BB and found that Van Damme brought out a Board of Pain to ManU many many years ago, a Board since that I’ve seen before in our region so I thought what better […]

New Curls?

WARMUP: SSH, Stretch THE THANG: September 26 SSH – 10 IC Stretch down the middle Lean to right Lean to left 1777 – British forces occupied Philadelphia 1792 – Marc-David Lasource accused Robespierre of wanting a dictatorship Curls bottom to mid – 14 IC Squats – 14 IC Military Press – 14 IC Skull crushers […]

Stars and Abs

WARMUP: We did a running warmup to the colosseum where we is Lt. Dan’s and toy soldiers along the way. THE THANG: At the Colosseum parking lot we did stars with one exercise in the middle and 4 corners returning to the center after each exercise. Round one center was jump squats Round 2 was […]