Simple Loop at the Vet

Simple straight forward 1 loop around Old Town. Down Charlotte, left on Ebenezer, left on Oakland, left on main. Rinse and repeat. Most got 4-5 miles in. Naked Man Moleskine: I was reading a blog written by Dredd last week, and the basic idea was that most people don’t want to be happy, they search […]

Make god your third leg

WARMUP: On your own. THE THANG: Walk or run out down Charlotte Avenue to Cherry Road. Across to Main Street and back to the fountain. This was about 4 miles. Loop until the end. Some cut it off short some went longer. This run creates a triangle shape. We talked about how if god is […]

The Hills of Constitution

WARMUP: announced the 3 route. THE THANG: 14 ran and 1 walked as I sent us to the hills of constitution where Anchor Bar said “last hill” 3 times. MARY: she ran by prior to us starting. ANNOUNCEMENTS: Bethel, Donut Dash, and other stuff I forgot. COT: No Regrets…keep your doors open to reconciliation. https://youtube.com/shorts/_1TWsujND8M?si=xnlj0uqXssb6wgLc