Little old little new

WARMUP: SSH, MMN, Cherry pickers, windmills, imperial walkers THE THANG: Sousa led the first half with some sevens work dedicated to the seven habits of highly successful people followed by some Dora 1,2,3 partner work. Some moseying around too! JAG took the second half with some brick work (arms) and some moseying to the tennis […]

island hopping

WARMUP: Knee/ankle rotations Trunk rotations Neck rotations Arm circles Run in place -punch to front -punch to sky SSH STRETCHES: chest Tricep Upper back Frog Hip and back Abdominals THE THANG: 1st island -wide merkins -merkins -diamond merkins Lunge to next island -squat -donkey kicks -imperial walkers Butt kicks to next island -hello dollies -flutter […]

Go ugly first

Seven went back to basics this morning at The Patriot. Here’s what we did: 10 Low Slow Squats (IC) 15 Side Straddle Hops (IC) 15 Seal Jacks (IC) 10 Imperial Walkers (IC) Mosey to the football field DORA – 100 Merkins, 200 Squats, 300 LBCs (timing mechanism was the short side of the track) 10 […]

Dad’s Birthday Memorial

WARMUP: windmills and a short mosey THE THANG: Dads birthday was today. Dad loved cows and sports. Favorite teams. Jazz, Raiders, Yankees, Utes. How 22 pertains to the Utah Football team Christmas 2020 Ty Jordan died of an accidental self inflicted gunshot wound. He wore number 22. His high school teammate Aaron Lowe who came […]


While looking through slack last night, I saw Reborns post and while reviewing the safety portion, I went through the DICCs safety to start. Disclaimer, Cell phone with one pax, and asked if any PAX were CPR certified. Walker and myself were once certified. With recent events with Cardinal, it leads me to believe we […]