Santa “Decked” The Halls

WARMUP: We did some light stretching. THE THANG: Moseyed to the side parking lot with the wooden benches. We stayed in this area for the entirety of the workout. I asked PCH to bring his brinks so we could use them with the Deck O’ Pain. All exercises utilized the brinks. Diamonds – Curls Hearts […]

The Murph at Planet Pain Country Club

WARMUP: THE THANG: We made our way over to the blacktop area behind RRMS for Nailpop’s version of The Murph – 5 Hand Release Merkins, 10 Pull-ups, 15 Squats and Mosey to the basketball court and back. Rinse and repeat AMRAP in the allotted time. MARY: She had a little lamb ANNOUNCEMENTS: Bethel coming up […]

Small Circles and Unexpected Opportunities

WARMUP: Windmills, Hillbilly Walkers, Moroccans, Cherry Pickers, Empirial Walkers, 6-count Burpees THE THANG: Mosey to big parking lot (w/ painted spots): Toy Soldiers > High Knees > Lt Dans > Butt Kickers; Curb slaps, Gunslingers Mosey to middle of Northwestern campus: Inclined Merkins & Dips (15x, 10x, 5x) Mosey to the track: 10x Scorpion Dry […]

Old School

WARMUP: 10 burpees Morockin Night Clubs Windmills Cherry Pickers THE THANG: partner up Dora 1-2-3 Merks LBCs LSS time element running the circle drive in front of ATC Mosey to parking lot beside NWHS 4 corners (stay together) 10,15,20,25 Morockin Night Clubs (cadence) LBCs oyo LSS (cadence) (thanks @Arbys 😉 Mosey to court yard of […]

It takes work

Three men discussed life in between Merkins and miles. Here’s what we did: The Thang * 10 Low Slow Squats (IC) * 10 Imperial Walkers (IC) * 10 Windmills (IC) Mosey to the side lot of Northwestern * 4 Corners – 10 reps at corner 1, 15 at corner 2, 20 at corner 3, 25 […]

Travel back in time

WARMUP: back and leg streching,25 windmills THE THANG: Mosey to the basketball courts. Along the way there were dips and ab work and pull-ups. We were on all 4s as we “traveled back in time “. -12 merkins, bear crawl -9 o’clock, 9 merkins, plank walk to the right -6 o’clock , 6 merkins, crawl […]