Thank you to the PAX who showed up to Planet Pain on this humid but cool gloom to share in some great fellowship and nothing but a fun bootcamp. Thank you to Cracker Jack for allowing Bulldog and YHC to lead this morning. All men did an awesome job. After the F3 Disclaimer, we started […]

Rucking for the world’s problems

WARMUP: laced on the rucks THE THANG: pushed through a 30+ lb 5k Many of the world’s problems and issues were discussed and solved. Unfortunately I can’t remember all the awesome solutions so we will have to live to fight another day. Great time spent in the mumblechatter with my brother Cracker Jack. MARY: ANNOUNCEMENTS: […]

305 total

WARMUP: Stretches and baby arm circles followed by 10 burpees THE THANG: Mosey to the parking lot. Do 1 squat, run around to the other side and do 2. Repeat until we reach 10 squats. Shampoo, but with merkins this time (55 total). 10 dips, run a lap. Rinse and repeat until we had done […]

Deck of Pain

WARMUP: F3 deck of cards THE THANG: Draw 2 1 pax draw a card that is the exercise 1 pax draw a card that is the number of reps Mosey a lap for time and cardio Rinse and repeat (this happened a lot!) At least 12 rounds. We shared a word about doing it our […]

Nothin Like a good ole Boot

WARMUP: IC: MNC, WM, IW, HW, LSS, Coupe stretches THE THANG: Mosey to first parking lot to left of ATC. 3 sets of 4 corners (10s) 1st Corner: Chest Merkins, Gun Slingers, Carolina Dry Docks, & Wide Arm Merkins. Move down 1 box. 2nd Set 4 Corners: Legs Lt Dans Jungle Boy Squats Calf Raises […]

Round and Roud the Track We Go!

WARMUP: Signature warmup including SSH, Windmills, Cherry Pickers, MNC, etc THE THANG: Mosey down to the track, stopping to do various exercises every 100 yards. 5 total trips around the track. Stopped every lap or so for each us us to share our hearts and talk about what’s on everyone’s respective minds. Finished out with […]

Coupons a-plenty!

WARMUP: SSH Windmills Imperial Walkers THE THANG: Mosey to the coupons behind the strip mall pick your poison series of rows, curls and triceps trade your coupon repeat Then plank with a Jail Break at the loading dock 5 reps Back to coupons repeat the series trade coupons and rinse and repeat adding offset merkins. […]