Veteran 4/21

WARMUP: light stretching by the fountain THE THANG: Fountain lit up and started pumping at 5. it was just me and Punxy at the time so I grabbed my ruck and we set off on the route I had planned. we made it back to the fountain and noticed a couple extra cars as Rasta […]

What Rain!

WARMUP: Shared the route. THE THANG: Down main across Dave Lyle, right on walk in front of old Herald, left on White, right on Cherry, right on Charlotte to fountain to finish out with laps. I hung back with Anchor Bar to do some of his rehab exercise but it was so “Richard Simmons” that […]

New time, same AO

WARMUP: THE THANG: 4.5 ish mile loop down Charlotte, past the Commons, back around to Cherry, over to Main St. to Black St. and back. MARY: ANNOUNCEMENTS: The Patriot is moving tomorrow, so come join the launch of the revamped original Rock Region AO. COT:

Bust A Move

WARMUP: The route was explained and a count was taken. THE THANG: I came up with a 4 mile loop, down Oakland Ave, right on Cherry Rd, right on Myrtle Dr, left on Charlotte Ave and back to the fountain. MARY: She had a little lamb. ANNOUNCEMENTS: P200 next weekend, Time change at The Veteran […]

No Q

WARMUP: THE THANG: We had no cue, we had no shovel flag, but two of us set out walking through downtown Rock Hill. When I left, no one was there, but I saw Punxsy coming in right as I was walking away. I walked and he rocked we ended with circle of trust and a […]

The World Is Flat

WARMUP: Route explained and count off THE THANG: Our little corner of the world was close to being flat this morning. This has to be one of the flattest routes in Rock Hill. It was a simple out and back route, right on Oakland Avenue, left on Ebenezer Avenue and turn around at the 22 […]