WARMUP: arm circles, Imperial & Hillbilly walkers, mosey to office depot for people’s chair, merkins, wall push and calf raises THE THANG: Moseyed back around to the brew supply where we partnered up. 1 partner runs to crosswalk in front of Adventure Air while the other does exercise. after both have ran they finish together […]

No cooter Riding

WARMUP: SSH (IC) Arm Circles(IC), Overhead Clap (IC), Big Arm Circles(IC), lap around the parking lot. Flutter Kicks (IC), LBCs (IC), Freddie Mercury’s (IC), Box Cutters (IC) THE THANG: Moseyed over to the Office Depot wall. Peoples chair, each pax did 10 merkins while the rest sat. then each pax did 10 squats down the […]

Zombie Slayin Training

WARMUP: 25 in cadence SSH MNC LSS Cherry Pickers (10) OHC THE THANG: Mosey to the Mattress Firm Dora 1-2-3 Merkin LBC LSS Mosey to the Office Depot dock wall The People’s Chair 10 Merkin 1 pax at a time every one else holds the chair. Without stopping 10 Carolina Dry Docks back down the […]

ShieldLock Q

WARMUP: Disclaimer, LSS, SSH, R/L Arm Stretch all In cadence. THE THANG: Indian run Smiley Face pace to covered area at end of center. AMRAP Erkins on the shot wall then run to “The Wall”. Rinse and repeat 3 times. Partner up and rinse and repeat the Erkin thingy 3 times. Indian run Smiley Face […]