VQ Getchu

WARMUP: arm circles, shoulder stretches, hammy stretches, hip stretches, side straddle hops, OYO burpees THE THANG: Mosey, 4 corners pyramid – burpees, merkins, big boys, Dan Taylor’s, mosey to Wendy’s and partner up. One partner gets a coupon and starts, 200 each – curls, bench press, and tricep extension. Other partner jogs to the bottom […]

Set the ALARM for 4 Cornern

WARMUP: stretches – seal jacks, cherry pickers, THE THANG: Popeyes A (overhead claps, shoulder taps, wide arm mericans, Cdry docks) CFA L (lt dans, LS squats, calf raises, boom jacks) Bojangles A (big boy, Freddy M, flutters [called by Parkay!] LBC) Wendy’s R ( Reverse Crunch, Ranger M, Rosalita and Random exercise [Ballerina squat called […]


WARMUP: SSH, Lunges, imperial walkers, Windmills, cherry pickers THE THANG: Four corners 10, 20, 30, 40 Carolina dry docks, Freddy mercs, monkey humpers, mountain climber Merkin ladder at each parking lane from one end to other increments of 2 Indian run around building 11’s near COT- merkins and squats MARY: flutters, hello dolly, leg lifts […]

We Ain’t Tired!

WARMUP: IC: IW WM CP INC THE THANG: YHC decided to travel. So we moseyed across Cherry to storage place. People Chair while each pax did Merkin train. YHC kicked it off with 10 merkins down the line, slowly dropping PC pax as we went. Recover. Mosey to Publix hill. 11s Merkins and Squats. Recover […]

6 years in the making

WARMUP: 25 IC SSH THE THANG: mosey to the island at the front of the parking lot Dice of Death/ 4 corners roll work next corner add 5 everyone shared in the roll Mosey to the wall people’s chair hold for pax to do exercise merkin wide arm 10 oyo CDD 10 oyo Jail break […]

Cinco de Mayo Sombrero Beatdown

WARMUP: MNC, SSH, Cherry Pickers and windmills THE THANG: 8 stations in the shape of a sombrero. First loop was 5 burpees at each station. Next loop was 10 Big Boys. Lastly, 15 Merkins. It was just under a third of a mile for each loop. Rinse and repeat. Total: 80 burpees, 160 Big Boys […]

Swimming, anyone?

WARMUP: IWs, CPs, MNCs, rain dodging, and Windmills THE THANG: One partner sits against the wall doing OACs while other runs to corner and completes 10 reps then runs back to swap. (Merkins, HR Merkins, Peter Parkers) Indian Bear Crawl, Indian Crab Walk, and Indian Lt. Dan to next covered area. One partner runs back […]

Rain rain went away

WARMUP: Walk to the front of adventure air to get under the dry covering in case of rain. It never came. THE THANG: Did the following set of exercises in descending reps three full times through. 20 15 10 descending reps Imperial walkers Hillbilly walkers Ninja walkers Moroccan night club Seal claps Baby arm circles […]