I wore long shorts but it’s whatever

WARMUP: run from slow pitch to CPES dropoff/pickup lane, MNC, imperial walkers, and Windmills THE THANG: Pyramid sets up the lane stopping at each bobcat head painted on the sidewalk. first set: up- merkins down- CDD movement- bearcrawl second set: up- side lunge down- squat movement- lunge third set: up- big boy situp down- leg […]

Iron Pax prep

WARMUP: greeting, disclaimer, prepare for this to suck THE THANG: iron Pax week 0 workout for 21 5 rounds 20 thrusters with coupon 20 merkins 3 rounds Bear crawl to cone 3 burpees, jog back to coupon 5 rounds 20 thrusters with coupon 20 merkins MARY: ab lab by committee ANNOUNCEMENTS: read the newsletter, Hog […]

Sousa 1000 ultra dora

WARMUP: Windmills IC Cherry pickers IC IW IC MNC IC HW IC Sets of 10 THE THANG: Mosey to coupon row behind Cherry Pk Elem 1000 rep Dora.  Pick your poison for work while the partner runs the rd.  Reps must total 1000 Mosey to lower lot of elem school for dealers choice 10 rep […]

Hamilton EMOM

WARMUP: IC SSH,IW, MC THE THANG: Hamilton EMOM 1 burpee on every min All exercises done in sets of 50 with coupon Shoulder press Curl Tricep extension LBC’s Metro crunches 25 per side Squats Calf raises Rinse and repeat twice Mosey to stairs to people’s chair hold while passing laps up and down the stairs […]

Thirsty Thursday @ The Goose

WARMUP: we ran THE THANG: we ran to Carolina Brew Supply for a pint then ran back. Maybe went a tad bit over 45min but it was worth the reconnecting and chatter! Plus we saw Tap Out there and actively headlocking him back into coming out. BUT WAIT THERES MORE! The lady at CBS asked […]