Pre pax

WARMUP: walk to track with weights and board THE THANG: iron Pax 2019 EMOM Every min- 3 burpees Work volume 50 big boys 100 MC double count 150 alternating single arm snatches 200 LBC’s 250 squats Walked and moseyed some laps MARY: not today ANNOUNCEMENTS: newsletter, road cleanup Saturday, Goggins challenge in a week, donut […]


WARMUP: right arm over/left arm over right 5 CP IC THE THANG: EMOM 1 8 single arm swings 8 alt goblet lunges 8 alt waiters press (half kneeling) 8 alt bent over rows 1 lap around track EMOM 2 10 goblet squats 8 alt thrusters each arm 15 LBC presses 5 man makers 1 lap […]

Birthday countdown

WARMUP: None we jumped right in. THE THANG: Went to the football field and did the following countdown with the following workouts and reps. 43 LBCs 42 calf raises 41 squats 40 toy soldiers 39 curls – kettlebell 38 Carolina dry dock 37 seal claps Run 36 overhead lift’s 35 pigeon toe raises 34 imperial […]

$30 and a what????

WARMUP: IC SSH, HW, IW THE THANG: 1st sequence taken from Bill Nye’s premiere Q at the Goose when it launched, May 2, 2019……..except not on the football field as it was locked bear Crawl then 5 burpees and bear crawl back Nur then 10 squats and Nur back Bear crawl again then squats and […]

Was that the 2nd pole?

WARMUP: IC: SSH IW MNC WM THE THANG: Trying to plan a Q 34,000 ft in the area 1900 miles away nursing a 5 day trip out west filling my head with tax and soaking in the San Antonio activities was tough. So I fell back on the best easiest thing to do…good ole fashion […]

Taking our rucks to school

WARMUP: Rucked up and shuffled to the other side of school THE THANG: Dropped rucks and did: SSH (IC), Overhead Clap (IC), Moroccan Night Clubs(IC). we then partnered up. one partner ran and stopping for 10 merkins at each planter while the other Pax did ruck Swings. once both Pax had swapped twice we had […]

5 is the number of the counting

WARMUP: welcome, disclaimer, laughs IC sets of 5 Windmills, Cherry pickers, MNC and INC with calf raise THE THANG: Mosey to tennis center court 1. Held the people’s chair while passing sets of 5 merkins, diamond merkins, and wide arm merkins Mosey to the benches next to gym for sets of 5 irkins and dips […]