Not Enough Time

Full body workout involving 4 corners, Dora 1-2-3 and Bear-Way-to-Heaven. Time git away fron us and weren’t able to complete Bear-Way-to-Heaven. At COT discussed vulnerability, community and judgement stemming from the book Soul of Shame. PAX ended our morning with announcements and prayers being lifted up. Thank you for allowing me to lead @Triad. Have […]

Shopping Cart Roundup

WARMUP: signature WOAH warmup including SSH, windmills, walkers, and some stretching THE THANG: started off by covering every square foot of the shopping center parking lot for abandoned carts (shoutout to IJ 🫡). Did some arm burn, AMRAPs, and wall sits before wrapping up with the Pledge and some stretching ANNOUNCEMENTS: Bethel meal next week. […]

Premeditated Burpees

WARMUP: Cherry pickers, windmills, butt kickers, toy soldiers THE THANG: mosey to WW parking lot modified four corners: monkey humpers, calf raises, and alt. side squats- 10 each at first corner, then 20, 30, and 40 at following corners. mosey to WW planter wall for wall sits while each PAX does 10 merkins down and […]

Omaha for Jeff

WARMUP: THE THANG: We were going to do a whole lot of legs, but because Jeff was running the P 200 we decided to Omaha to a more full body workout. Windmills Hillbilly Walkers Low slow calf raises Ninja Walkers Low slow squats Imperial walkers Suicides 1 Moroccan night club 2 bend downs 3 baby […]

PCB Body

WARMUP: typical warmup THE THANG: increasing numbers of various exercises followed by layoffs around the loop in front of the theater. All of this was in preparation for heading to the beach during spring break.

What is truth?

Stretch what needs stretching then 10 tempo merkins, 10 low slow squats, 10 6 count burpees all IC. 20 lbcs with legs up 20 lbcs with legs at a right angle 20 lbcs with legs extended 20 metro crunches each side 20 tricycles each side 20 heels to the heavens Mosey to the park Dora […]

Is it over yet

WARMUP: in cadence cherry’s no break MNC INC front arm circle over head arm circle reverse lateral arm circle THE THANG: mosey to the fountain irkins in cadence side arm slide 2 places dips in cadence side arm slide 2 places irkins in cadence mosey to the theatre DoD 1 pax roll and mosey everyone […]

Pop culture?

WARMUP: seal jacks, arm circles, low slow squats, stretches THE THANG: ring of fire – bear crawl: circle up, bear crawl in a circle until the Q says “stop” everyone holds a plank, as each PAX does 10 Merkins. Once the last person goes, continue in the bear crawl Sheldon cooper: run a lap then […]