Kettle Bells and Pull ups at Man U

WARMUP: Moroccan Calf Raises Imperial Walkers SSH Low Slow Merkins Supermans Wide Leg Stretch L&R Lunge Stretch L&R THE THANG: Partner Up, One Runs to Playground to do 10 pull ups and runs back. Other proceeds each exercise listed below. Go until time runs out – about 2-3 rounds 2 Arm Swing x 10 One […]

The Circuitous Nature of Life

WARMUP: IW, HBW, MNC, INC, SSH all IC 10 count THE THANG: Mosey to fountain via The Circuitous Nature of Life. 10 partner leg throws at UPS store, mosey to Panera 10 Partner leg throws, mosey to Conns 10 partner leg throws, mosey to fountain. 10 step yups each leg followed by the Erkin flip […]

Merkins curls merkins

WARMUP: Windmills Squats Arm circles SSH THE THANG: Everything was a 10 count Diamond corners Diamonds 1 Seal Claps Italian Nights Over head claps Morracan Night clubs 2 Merkins Wide arm merkins Diamond merkins Merkins 3 Squats Jump squats Calf raises Bomb squats 4 10 curls each bell descending weight Diamonds 1 Imperial walkers Hillbilly […]

Man U – You Had To Be There

WARMUP: Stretch Cherry Pickers – 10 Windmills – 10 Merkins – 10 OYO Imperial Walkers – 15 Hillbilly Walkers – 15 Little Baby Circles – 30 Imperial Walkers Again – Done The Correct Way THE THANG: Fountain Work Round 1 20 Dips IC 20 Irkins IC 10 Dirkins YOY STAR (4 Corners With 5 Burpees […]

YHC 40th Birthday Beatdown

WARMUP: quickly: SSH, HW, CP THE THANG: YHC had the theme of 40 for some reason! So I aimed high and knew it would be a stretch but over planning is always better than under planning! So the workout was going to be fun n gun 4 corners style. 10 squares throughout ManU totaling 40 […]

Not Enough Time

Full body workout involving 4 corners, Dora 1-2-3 and Bear-Way-to-Heaven. Time git away fron us and weren’t able to complete Bear-Way-to-Heaven. At COT discussed vulnerability, community and judgement stemming from the book Soul of Shame. PAX ended our morning with announcements and prayers being lifted up. Thank you for allowing me to lead @Triad. Have […]

Shopping Cart Roundup

WARMUP: signature WOAH warmup including SSH, windmills, walkers, and some stretching THE THANG: started off by covering every square foot of the shopping center parking lot for abandoned carts (shoutout to IJ 🫡). Did some arm burn, AMRAPs, and wall sits before wrapping up with the Pledge and some stretching ANNOUNCEMENTS: Bethel meal next week. […]