pull up power pyramid

WARMUP: 10 IC of the following: SSH, MNC, low slow squats, imperial walkers THE THANG: mosey to glencairn for wide merkins, donkey kicks, BB situps, dive bombers pushups, dirty dogs, metro crunches, lunges, and SSH. mosey to YMCA for pull up pyramid: 1 pull-up/2 pushup 2 pull-up/4 pushup 3 pull-up/6 pushup/25 crunches 4 pull-up/ 8 […]

Blueprint Special

WARMUP: Short mosey to spread out. Blueprint special warmup: SSH Merkins Seal Jacks CDD Plank Jacks Shoulder Taps 6” All in cadence…. With HIMs filling in the count because I was out of breath. Indian Run to Northside Elementary. There, we individually called out an exercise for the group to do while we ran a […]

How do you spell that?

WARMUP: seal jacks, Cherry pickers, windmills, lots of arms circles of every variety THE THANG: Indian run (Swiss Mile) person in back does 5 merkins moves to front. Stopped at various stops along the way for some ab lab which included spelling each persons F3 name amongst a few others oldies but goodies. Did this […]

Culture beats everything

WARMUP: Mosey down street to empty parking lot. Stretch a bit, toy soldiers, butt kickers THE THANG: Mosey over to original BTC loop (Rooster loop). Stop every so often to get in a bit of boot camp, including squats at stop 1, merkins at stop 2, calf raises at stop 3. Mosey back to AO […]

Military Burpee Beatdown

WARMUP: Did a quick warmup the moseyed to the Military tribute with a little detour getting there. THE THANG: We did multiple burpees for every branch of military then stopping to do the Pledge of Allegiance together. Then we partnered up and did 100 bomb jacks, 200 air squats, and 300 LBCs. The other partner […]

Accelerate or Not

WARMUP We began the warmup with the following in cadence: Side Straddle Hops, Imperial Walkers, Low Slow Squats, Peter Parker Peters, Merkins, and 10 6-Count Burpees. Then we took a short mosey around the church to get familiar with the area. THE THANG We took a mosey across Dave Lyle for a series of 11’s […]

Touting the Spooky Route

The four of us came together to tour the “spooky route” from BTC into the backside of Winthrop Lake, stopping for some boot along the way. Also, did sevens on the big hill on the backside of Winthrop Lake. Finished up with some light stretching before COT. Thanks to all who came out and shared […]

Burpees at BTC

WARMUP: Low slow squats, Tempo merkins, Moroccan nightclubs- All IC 20 burpees OYO Thang: 11s up the hill with jump squats at the top and plyo merkins at the bottom. 10 burpees OYO Catch me of you can down Poplar and Community Streets- 5 big boys and nur 10 burpees OYO 4 corners in the […]