Substitute Teacher

WARMUP: Reborns regrets as he is worksacked and Reborns Route. THE THANG: Herlong toward Constitution 30 out and back. 3 rucked, 3 ran and 2 ran/walked. MARY: Told her good morning. ANNOUNCEMENTS: Bethel contributions nearing my friends $500 match. Step up gents as your heart in inclined. Donut Dash. COT: Prayers lifted to our sovereign […]

The Hills of Constitution

WARMUP: announced the 3 route. THE THANG: 14 ran and 1 walked as I sent us to the hills of constitution where Anchor Bar said “last hill” 3 times. MARY: she ran by prior to us starting. ANNOUNCEMENTS: Bethel, Donut Dash, and other stuff I forgot. COT: No Regrets…keep your doors open to reconciliation. https://youtube.com/shorts/_1TWsujND8M?si=xnlj0uqXssb6wgLc

Das Boot

WARMUP: THE THANG: Ran down Herlong, left on constitution, left on cherry, left at Commons, left at new Groucho’s up Ebenezer, right on Herlong back to COT. MARY: ANNOUNCEMENTS: Newsletter amongst other things. COT: prayers and praises and I prayed us out.

Hills, Hills and More Hills

WARMUP: Route explained with one complaint 😂 THE THANG: We ran and rucked MARY: She fartsacked ANNOUNCEMENTS: Bethel, Dam to Dam teams are forming, read newsletter COT: I shared through my daughter’s recent job search and a couple of failed interviews that God uses our disappointments for good.  It was through  her second failed interview […]

Miles with Gratitude

WARMUP: Outline the route. THE THANG: PAX rucked, ran and or walked the 5 or 6 mile loop outlined in the warmup. MARY: Not seen on this morning. ANNOUNCEMENTS: Bethel and read your newsletter. COT: Quote shared on practicing gratitude along with prayers being lifted prior to our time concluding. Thanks for letting me lead […]

Battin 1000.

WARMUP: Greetings THE THANG: run, 3 left turns, and a right MARY: had a little lamb ANNOUNCEMENTS: Bethel, 1776 convergence COT: Mr. Nick, praise praise Praise praise praise. Even in the valley God is worthy of our praise!