New Curls?

WARMUP: SSH, Stretch THE THANG: September 26 SSH – 10 IC Stretch down the middle Lean to right Lean to left 1777 – British forces occupied Philadelphia 1792 – Marc-David Lasource accused Robespierre of wanting a dictatorship Curls bottom to mid – 14 IC Squats – 14 IC Military Press – 14 IC Skull crushers […]

THE Iron Academy

WARMUP: -Big arm circles, Cherry pickers, Baby arm circles Windmills, and SSH THE THANG: Circle up 1 – 4 Sets Tri-ext -Chest press, Curls, John deers To the wall 20-15-10 – Shoulder-Knees-Toes -Lunges and Around the world Circle up 2- 8 Sets – Rinse and repeat Parking spaces/Mosey -Set 1- Haloes, Ribbons, Skull crushers, Big […]

Pumpin’ Iron!

WARM-UP: Windmills, Imperial Walkers, Overhead Claps, Cherry Pickers, Hillbilly Walkers, Moroccans Mosey SET 1: Man makers (x5), Curls, Upright Rows, Clean & Jerks, Tricep Extensions, Ribbons, Soccer Toe taps, Halos, Turkish Get-up (x5) Mosey SET 2: Man makers (x5), Goblet Squats, Swings, John Deers, Big Boy Sit-ups / Chest Press, Skull Crushers, American Hammers, Flutters […]

Walking our bell

WARMUP: Stretching Imperial walkers Hillbilly walkers Ninja walkers Windmills Halos John Deere THE THANG: 20/15/10/5 in a 4 corner Curls Toy soldiers Squats Around world Triceps Lt. Dan Cleans Walk Shoulders and core on back Overhead Chest press Right Chest press Left Chest press Calf raises Pigeon Calf Raises Duck Calf Raises Ab lab of […]

Let it Go

WARMUP: None we jumped in. THE THANG: We did the following things with the following music and hills. – [x] Academy – [x] Every rose has its thorns – [x]        Curls into the press and clean on word every – [x] Sam’s Club – [x] Good ole man – [x]     […]

twisty Topsy turvy bells

WARMUP: X8 Halo reverse lunge twist alternating X4 hanging Lateral flex left and right X4 overhead lat flex left and right X4 static lunge Bent press l and r X4 pullover scapula opener X4 spiral press left and right THE THANG: EMOM 1st minute: left side X4 squat dead curl and press X4 single arm […]

Bells for Breakfast

WARMUP: SSH, Morrocans, Windmills, Imperials, HillBillies THE THANG: Mosey around the back of Academy grab some wall Peoples Chair, Curls, BTTW, Shoulder Press, BTTW Mosey a bit Curls, Tricep Extensions, Upright Rows, John Deeres, Mosey to the lot Swings, Curls, Tricep ext, Halos, John Deeres, Steph Curry, Around the World, Travoltas, Power to the people […]