Big coupon or little coupon?

WARMUP: Cherry Pickers, left right center stretch, MNC THE THANG: co Q Squad led us Winthrop and we did 20 merkins and ran stairs, 20 V-ups – stairs, 20 CDD – stairs, 20 flutters in cadence – stairs Darth led us to scholars walk where we did a burpee ladder, and merkin ladder Rabbit led […]

Hitting the Bars

WARMUP: OYO dynamic stretching and conversing. THE THANG: Mosey to YMCA Leg Tucks / Planks Lap around YMCA Assisted pull-ups Lap around YMCA Assisted chin-ups Lap around YMCA Dead hangs Lap around YMCA Assisted pull-ups Lap around YMCA Mosey to elementary school loops Quick mosey with partner while others do CDDs then swap Mosey to […]

sparkys 37th bday beatdown

WARMUP: X factor Arm circles Squat push reach Imperial walker Hillbilly walker THE THANG: Mosey to the perch 9 scissor lifts 9 eagle crunches 9 pistol squat each side 9 tiger bend 12 elevated heel touch 12 merkin 12 burpee 12 eagle pose (seconds each side) 12 reverse lunge each side stair work 3 sets […]

Tabata Firemans Carry?

WARMUP: Moroccan Calf Raises Low Slow Merkins Supermans Lying pull up Lunge Stretch L&R Hillbilly walkers w/ Kicks*** Harry Rockettes*** Good Mornings*** Wide Leg Stretch L&R THE THANG: We actually didn’t do any fireman’s carries, but I have a feeling they will be coming soon… Tabata Dips at Winthrop Benches Frankenstein Walks Bring Sally up […]

What was I thinking?

WARMUP: SSH, Windmills, Cherry Pickers, MNC’s THE THANG: Sometimes in life we make bad choices. Last night, I made a terrible choice to copy a workout and adapt it for the site. We moseyed to the Sports and Event Center Parking garage. The Tinker Toy ManU Summer Sweatfest. 10 merkin mlanks 20 squat jumps 20 […]

Tour De Rock Hill

WARMUP: : arm circles, SSH, merkins, dry docks burpees Thanks for posting this for me! THE THANG: Indian run over to Two Scoops. Dips, Erkins and Derkins on the picknick tables (step ups for active rest between each). Water Tower parking lot: Dips, Erkins and Derkins on the brick wall (calf rasies for active rest […]

The heat is on

WARMUP: SSH 10 IC Windmills 10 IC THE THANG: Mosey to the Campus Greens (figure 8). Grab a coupon at the bottom of the stairs. The plan today was a routine of coupons and 7’s. Perform a set coupons, run figure 8, hit the hill a set of 7’s, run figure 8 and return to […]

Coupon Work at Eagles Nest

WARMUP: Windmills; SSH THE THANG: Mosey to WU and collected a quality coupon Rifle carry the coupon around circle with 10 squat thrusters at every light post. (8 light posts) Take coupon to stairs on Tillman and partner up P1 runs stairs; P2 curls (x3) Go with coupon to breezeway at Digs. 10 tricep ext. […]

Eagles nest AO spotlighy

WARMUP: Disclaimer, seal jacks, big arm circles, sparky stretch THE THANG: mosey to parking deck Up – toy soldiers Exercise – partner shrugs and irkins Up- lunges Exercise- shrugs and irkins UpLt dans Excercise big boys Up burpee broad jump Plank – railroad Bear crawl up the last ramp Mosey back to AO MARY: ANNOUNCEMENTS: […]