Stars and Abs

WARMUP: We did a running warmup to the colosseum where we is Lt. Dan’s and toy soldiers along the way. THE THANG: At the Colosseum parking lot we did stars with one exercise in the middle and 4 corners returning to the center after each exercise. Round one center was jump squats Round 2 was […]

awkward dance movements

WARMUP: X15Alternating Under knee claps X15Alternating Reaching knee taps X15Hillbilly walkers X15Imperial walker squats X15Prayer squats X15Cross body Reaching knee taps left then right THE THANG: Mosey to playground parking lot 4 rounds of 4 crnrs 10,20,30,40 Jumping jack Toe taps Single arm Mtn climbers left then right Air squat jump jack Alternating High knee […]

Miracle Mile AO Spotlight

WARMUP: Stretch Cherry Pickers – 10 Windmills – 10 Hillbilly Walkers – 10 Merkins – 10 OYO Imperial Walkers – 10 SSH – Side Saddle Hop – 10 Miracle Mile Goal is a productive boot keeping running to 1 mile or less 4 Parking Lot Loops is 1 mile 1 Big loop is 1 mile […]

3rd Times a Charm – More Cluster Sets!

WARMUP: Disclaimer Moroccan Calf Raises Imperial Walkers Hillbilly walkers SSH Low Slow Merkins Supermans Lying pull up Lunge Stretch L&R THE THANG: Mosey around doing Cluster Sets (10 reps, 10 sec rest, 5ish minutes) Merkins at lower corner of parking lot (still a crowd pleaser) Dips at picnic tables Leg Raises in the playground followed […]

Lucky Sevens

Disclaimer given and explained this workout was in memory of my mom on her birthday.  Chose my “Lucky Sevens” workout for her birth month. WARMUP: 7 Windmills IC 14 Imperial Walkers IC 7 Low Slow Squats IC 7 Side Straddle Hops IC THE THANG: Moseyed over to the picnic tables under the pavilion for The […]