Make god your third leg

WARMUP: On your own. THE THANG: Walk or run out down Charlotte Avenue to Cherry Road. Across to Main Street and back to the fountain. This was about 4 miles. Loop until the end. Some cut it off short some went longer. This run creates a triangle shape. We talked about how if god is […]

Odom CoQ!

WARMUP: Schrute: SSH × 20 MNC × 20 Windmill x 20 Low Slow Squat x 20 Merkin x 10 CDD x 10 THE THANG: Mosey to Hot Box At every intersection, 10 squats Stairway to heaven: Go Up Stairs to the top, 50 squats, come down other stairs, 50 merkins Follow with 40 squats, 40 […]

Smoke and fire at Man U

A quick warm up with some stretches, moroccan night clubs, low slow squats, and tempo merkins. Thang: 5 rounds of exercises 20 reps each Station 1: Box jump burpees and outlaws Station 2: Australian merkins and Imperial Walker squats Bear crawl Station 3: V ups and hand release merkins Station 4: Jump squats and prison […]

We had a visit from Corporate

WARMUP: Italian Night Clubs, Imperial Walkers, Hillbilly Walkers THE THANG: Moseyed down to First Christian Church. used the driveway for some Dora 123. 100 merkins, 200 squats, 300 LBC. Returned back down Curtis St. in front of Northside Baptist we did a burpee in each parking spot along the curb. We then made use of […]

Plowing in July

WARMUP: Thirty minute plow up Main and 30 back. THE THANG: Run, Walk, and Talk MARY: At JOC doing IPAX ANNOUNCEMENTS: It’s not July, Rasta squeezed the shirt out, the Bethel team exemplified the F3 mission, and Donuts to Die for while dashing. COT: Prayers lifted! https://youtube.com/shorts/GCSoWDJ72Ik?si=eLhzX_efrox3PZh1