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WARMUP: ssh, cherry pickers (by request), wind mills, toe touch stretch THE THANG: hot potato: if the song stops while you have the potato, you drop the potato, or you make a bad throw, then you take a lap around the circle. big Lap around the field tug of war with an impromptu word on […]

Del Rio 6.3

WARMUP: ssh, merkins, windmills, hillbilly walkers, imperial THE THANG: Pac-Man was first half Moseyed to large hill behind the green field and did burpee hillicides run half way up the hill one burpee then down back to the top two burpees, added 1 burpee each time all the way to ten. Moseyed to rock pile […]

Set the ALARM for 4 Cornern

WARMUP: stretches – seal jacks, cherry pickers, THE THANG: Popeyes A (overhead claps, shoulder taps, wide arm mericans, Cdry docks) CFA L (lt dans, LS squats, calf raises, boom jacks) Bojangles A (big boy, Freddy M, flutters [called by Parkay!] LBC) Wendy’s R ( Reverse Crunch, Ranger M, Rosalita and Random exercise [Ballerina squat called […]

Reverse Fountain Route?

Ever been to Final Verdict and run “the fountain route”? Come join me at Veteran tomorrow as we do the exact opposite. Starting at 0500 from Fountain Park running down towards the new Family Courthouse and back. Your pace, your miles! #syitg