spring my foot!

WARMUP: Lap around the parking lot SSH, MNC, windmills, cherry pickers THE THANG: Halos 15 IC Around the World 15 IC Steph Currys 15 each side OYO kettlebell swings 15 IC skull crushers 15 IC LBCs 15 IC John Deeres 15 IC Turkish getups x5 each arm clean and press 15 OYO farmer’s carry to […]

Q My Committee?

WARMUP: Pac-Man lead us through some SSH,MNC, Arm circles, 6-count burpees, and windmills THE THANG: Tombstone had us partner up, one partner ran, while we did Am Hammers, Merkins and lunges. Then some erkins, dips, and step ups Flair led us through 7s of prison cell burpees, and squat jumps Zalinsky had us partner up […]

Full body blow out at the Mile

WARMUP: slow mosey around the parking lot, 10 burpees THE THANG: 300+ squats, 150+ merkins, 75 dips, 150+ LBCs, 20 legs lifts, 30 flutter kicks, 20 lunges, 100 calve raises, 3 mins of SSHs. MARY: ANNOUNCEMENTS: New AO At city hall 04/01 and read your slack. COT: https://youtube.com/shorts/2HjzZAIU3E8?feature=share

PCB Body

WARMUP: typical warmup THE THANG: increasing numbers of various exercises followed by layoffs around the loop in front of the theater. All of this was in preparation for heading to the beach during spring break.