Substitute Teacher

WARMUP: Reborns regrets as he is worksacked and Reborns Route. THE THANG: Herlong toward Constitution 30 out and back. 3 rucked, 3 ran and 2 ran/walked. MARY: Told her good morning. ANNOUNCEMENTS: Bethel contributions nearing my friends $500 match. Step up gents as your heart in inclined. Donut Dash. COT: Prayers lifted to our sovereign […]

Stars and Abs

WARMUP: We did a running warmup to the colosseum where we is Lt. Dan’s and toy soldiers along the way. THE THANG: At the Colosseum parking lot we did stars with one exercise in the middle and 4 corners returning to the center after each exercise. Round one center was jump squats Round 2 was […]

Old Town Throw Down

It started with a quick mosey to Fountain Park and then, in a fast cadence x 5- Wide arm merkin, plank jack, diamond merkin, mountain climbers Repeat, but x 10. Board of pain- Each lap around fountain park was a little bit different, but the structure was the same. Locomotor movement broken up by 10 […]

building pyramids

WARMUP: Arm circles front back Imperial walkers Hillbilly walkers Windmills Cherry pickers THE THANG: Crazy eights at the fountain 8 squats 8 squat thrust 8 merkins 8 Bomb jacks 8 plank jacks 8 squat thrust 8 squat 8 8count bodybuilders Pyramid at the hotbox 16, 12, 8, 4 reps at each level up ramp then […]

Wall Exploration

WARMUP: IC MNCs, CPs, Windmills, IWs, HWs THE THANG: Mosey to walls Partner up and one climbs both walls and does 10 HRMs at the top then mosey down. Other partner planks. repeat 5x Mosey to stairs and do a round of pick the exercise while one person runs a lap to stairs and back. […]