VQ Getchu

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WARMUP: arm circles, shoulder stretches, hammy stretches, hip stretches, side straddle hops, OYO burpees
THE THANG: Mosey, 4 corners pyramid – burpees, merkins, big boys, Dan Taylor’s, mosey to Wendy’s and partner up. One partner gets a coupon and starts, 200 each – curls, bench press, and tricep extension. Other partner jogs to the bottom of the parking lot, does two burpees then jog/jailbreak back to switch.
Then we did plank walks and merkins between islands.
Lastly, grabbed a seat on the wall and did 10 regular merkins and wide arm merkins. Mosey back to COT to finish with the Ab lab.
ANNOUNCEMENTS: hog and coyote, bethel service 6/13, Kenyan Convergence. Newsletter
COT: Healing, traveling mercies, anniversary celebration.

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