The Circuitous Nature of Life

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WARMUP: IW, HBW, MNC, INC, SSH all IC 10 count
THE THANG: Mosey to fountain via The Circuitous Nature of Life. 10 partner leg throws at UPS store, mosey to Panera 10 Partner leg throws, mosey to Conns 10 partner leg throws, mosey to fountain. 10 step yups each leg followed by the Erkin flip Dip Fountain Ring of Fire. Mosey to front of theater for Dora 1,2,3 with hanging pull ups, squats, and LBC’s with landscaped center between theater and wings as timing mechanism. Mosey to wall at TJ Max for wall sit and sharing of when, who, and why F3.
MARY: You can make your plans, but life often laughs at our feeble attempts at control. 40 years in the desert, sudden job loss, medical conditions can all take you off course. Put on Gods yoke and lean into ShieldLock to provide the guardrails, mercy and love that will keep you on the path to your final destination. It was an honor to lead the naming of Triads son as he steps out of childhood and into manhood. I expect he will be leading at an AO near you soon so be prepared for the beatdown and welcome the man now known as Crime Dog!
ANNOUNCEMENTS: Bethel AB, and Smiley, Memorial Day Convergence (bring your flags)c Hog n Coyote
COT: Prayers and praises lifted.

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