Convergence P200 Style Farewell Old Friend

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WARMUP: 10 count stretch to right, left, middle followed by 20 IC SSH’s
THE THANG: Quick mosey to field using ramp then had pax take a stair. Clave Raises IC 20 then ramp run. Rinse and repeat 15 then 10.
Mosey pax to far side field to 50 yard line where we partnered for 25 leg throws each partner then run across field where we rinsed and repeated. 200 total for our brothers running the P200. Mosey to end of field and introduced Pac to Dora 2,2,2. Partner 1 run to end of field and back (200 yards) while other starts 200 Carolina Dry Docks, followed by 200 squats, then 200 LBCs. The P200 theme continues. Hand off to Reborn who hammered us with Two rounds of 20 reps each. Merkins, pike presses, jump squats, flutters burpees.
The one round in cadence. Minus the burpees. Done at each corner with burpees at the 50.
MARY: 4 pax present shared they received their name at The Patriot. Each shared their Patriot history and the excitement the site provided with large groups and significant mumble chatter. As flags from The Patriot, Planet Pain HOG, and Miracle Mile moved with the wind we all felt a sense of honor at making the last post at this OG AO. The Mission is still alive as two AO’s will now form one and the excitement is only generated if you show up. Shared a few verses that resonate with me.
COT: Prayers lifted. https://youtu.be/KhN8cmx7oH4

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