Burpee-fest or fart-fest? Both!!!

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WARMUP: stretch
THE THANG: run from the AO to India Hook. At every intersection, stop and do 5 burpees. 15 sets on the way up, 15 sets on the way back. Total mileage: 3.14 miles (would’ve been good on Pi Day as well) Total burpees: 150.
ANNOUNCEMENTS: P200 coming up. need people to push chairs at Come See Me 10K
COT: Prayers to forgive family members.
NMM: Let’s do a better job of focusing on our families. Let’s put our phones down to spend unencumbered time.
When they’re little we fight for “me” time hoping they go to bed so we can have time for ourselves. As they get older, we fight to have “we” time with them. If you have little kids, make that time count. They will remember the experiences you have together.

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